Help The No More Victims Foundation, Inc. in its mission to provide an effective skillset and mindset to kids, teens, and adults that will provide the ability to identify, avoid and survive a violent situation.

Our goal is to offer these individuals the most effective skillset and mindset we can, to make our “No More Victims” attitude a standard in our local community. Your tax deductible contribution will make this goal a reality.

Your tax deductible donation of $300.00 as a Scholarship Host will allow the No More Victims Foundation, Inc., through Smoky Mountain Self-Defense, LLC., to continue providing the much-needed training to those who are at the greatest personal risk of being bullied or abducted.

A Scholarship Donation provides the following:
• Provides two kids (7-12), two teens, or two adults with a 3-month membership at Smoky Mountain Self-Defense
• Provide the same kid with a SMSD student t-shirt and armband
• Cover the cost of the evaluation test at the end of the 3-month membership

Help empower our community by calling us: 865.977.7837 !