Women’s “No More Victims” Workshops

Get Home Safe
Designed as source of empowerment, in our Women’s “No More Victims”  Program, we address realistic situations with a hands-on approach. We teach techniques that will work in a variety of situations including low-light or no-light areas.  Through this training our participants develop skills to heighten awareness and will consistently demonstrate that no matter what your athletic ability or physical build, they can defend themselves from larger and stronger attackers. Our primary goal in this program is to provide the skillset and mindset to get home safe.

Missionaries “Armor of God”

Training For Any Environment
The “Armor of God” six week course, is designed to prepare missionaries as they go into the field to work. The training focuses on developing a skillset and mindset that can be used anywhere regardless of country or circumstances, as it is often not permissible to travel with firearms and other personal protective devices. Our goal is to arm missionaries effectively as they prepare to work, we emphasize the identification of, reaction to, and evasion of potential violent encounters either as an individual or a group.

Kids & Teens

Shield Your Children
Now is time to give our youth the skills and support they need for dealing with the “Real World” threats that are unique to their age group, ensuring what we offer is easy to learn and effectively designed to give them the right physical and mental tools. The program includes anti-bullying, anti-abduction, and situational awareness . As their minds and bodies develop we want to stimulate and engage their mental and physical skills at a higher level.

One-Day Workshops

Leave No One Behind
Prevention is better than recovery. Our culture talks a lot about anti-bullying and anti-rape, but we are not doing enough for the potential victims. We understand that not everyone is able to attend a weekly class. For that reason and to do our best to ensure that no one is left behind, we have developed several one-day workshop options. Our workshops are designed so that everyone may gain the perspective and skills needed to survive an encounter.

Though we prefer all courses be conducted at SMSD Campus, offsite training is available at an additional cost