Business Partners

  • Provides 2 scholarships for a kid, teen, or adult to attend 3 months of realistic anti-bully, anti-abduction, and self-defense classes at Smoky Mountain Self Defense.
  • Provides the same recipients with SMSD t-shirts and armbands
  • Provides the recipients with an evaluation test and certificate at the end of the 3 month course.
  • Display a banner with the business providers logo and contact information at SMSD with a 150.00 renewal fee
  • Donor receives a free six week course at SMSD for their self or recipient of their choice

The following businesses recognize the need in our community to provide kids, teens, and adults the needed skill set and mindset to identify, avoid, and ,if have to, avoid a violent encounter.

Your Business Partnership will provide the No More Victims Foundation with the means to continue the needed training to those who are at the greatest personal risk of being bullied or abused.

Prestige Title LLC
Pro Sign Shop
Hayes Alignment and Auto Repair
Modern Woodmen of America – Steve Wigley
TSM Trucking LLC
Farmer’s Insurance – Charlotte Chance Agency
Shepherds RC
Partners in Business East Tennessee
Maryville Monument
Hepperley Auto Sales
Al Blankenship Enterprises
Blount Partnership
Benefit Services Group

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