Meet Our Board

Roy L. “Hoot” Shields, is the Executive Director of the No More Victims Foundation and Founder/Head Instructor of Smoky Mountain Self-Defense, LLC. He is a veteran of U.S.A.F./TANG SF Emergency Services Team, retired U.S. D.O.E. agent. With 35+ years experience, Shields holds multiple ranks and teaching certificates in martial arts, combatives, and other realistic self-defense systems. A single father and Eagle Scout (1976), he attends RIO Revolution Church, where he is active in the Helping Hands and Disaster Relief ministries. He is currently a member of Blount Co. Chamber (Blount Partnership) and Best of Blount (BOB) Referral Excellence Organization (REO). Shields enjoys long rides on his Harley, outdoor adventures, and making memories with his daughter while being a servant to his community, and those in need of his skillset.

Jeff Wallace is the Vice President of the No More Victims Foundation, and has devoted more than a quarter century of his life to volunteering with youth, giving back to the community that supported him when he was a child. Growing up the son of a single working mother, Wallace credits his involvement in baseball and football for helping keep him on the right track and out of trouble. In addition to serving on the No More Victims Foundation Board of Directors, Wallace coaches youth football for the Maryville Southerners. He also served as the President of Maryville Little League for more than 20 years and enjoys watching children achieve and succeed. Wallace also owns several businesses in Blount County serving numerous customers and employees including Benefit Services Group, Maryville Monument and Wallace Investments, a real estate and home construction business focused on building affordable entry-level housing. In his spare time, Wallace is a dog lover who enjoys working with rescues. He currently has two pit bulls along with a long haired dachshund.