About Our Institution

The No More Victims Foundation, Inc. is a Tennessee 501c3 established January 2016, to offer an effective skillset and mindset to kids, teens, and adults that will provide the ability to identify, avoid, and if have to survive a violent situation.

The foundation was first envisioned by Roy Shields, founder of Smoky Mountain Self-Defense (SMSD). SMSD, is a reality based and urban rooted program, focused on Anti-Bullying and Anti-Abduction courses for Kids, as well as courses for Teens and Adults. Roy and his staff organized and hosted a community awareness meeting in the fall of 2015 where they shared his vision with invited guests of the community. During the presentation the staff shared their own personal testimonies of being former victims of physical abuse, child abuse, abduction, depression, molestation and rape. They gave the reasons they sought out Roy for his particular background and skillset of addressing and surviving violence.

Roy and staff then presented the vision for moving forward with a desire to reach out to shelters, safe houses, and placement homes to offer their programs.  This would provide service to those who needed SMSD the most, yet could not obtain their services due to financial burdens. Roy proposed to alleviate those burdens by offering scholarship sponsorships and business partnership opportunities to local business owners and individuals who want to empower their communtiy.

We are blessed to announce that this vision is now a reality!

Please contact us to find out how you or your organization can make a “realistic” difference in a victim’s life by empowering them!

Thank you and have a blessed day!